• container display

    8 Ways to Create Crowd-Pleasing Containers

    Containers open up a world of design possibilities for apartment dwellers, gardeners with limited time or space, and anyone who wants to add an instant focal point to their daily…

  • How-To

    3 Myths About Soil

    Being mostly hidden from view makes soil mysterious, and over the years, a fair share of soil myths have been generated. These falsehoods have overstayed their welcome because, first, they’re…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Measuring the Miracle in Miracle Plant Foods

    This gardening season I tested the marketing claims made by three different companies in side-by-side trials. Were the results exceptional and miraculous? Was I able to grow more beautiful plants?…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Natural Fertilizer Boosts Organic Gardening

    Organic gardeners are always on the lookout for all-natural, multi-purpose products that can be used to improve their gardening efforts. As it turns out, one old-fashioned fertilizer could be your…

  • Choosing the Right Soilless Mix

    Choosing the Right Soilless Potting Mix

    A good growing medium will ensure that your plants get a healthy balance of water and air

  • How-To

    The Basics of Fertilizing

    Knowing how to apply fertilizers effectively is as crucial to vigorous plant growth as knowing a plant's hardiness zone. In this video, Lee Reich, author of Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden,…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Organic Fertilizer Sources for the Garden

    Here's a list of some organic fertilizers that you may want to have on hand.

  • Kitchen Gardening

    What Does NPK Mean?

    Here's the short answer.

  • growing veggies in containers

    Tips for Growing Veggies in Containers

    If you have limited space and time but still want to try your hand at growing vegetables, think containers. No yard is necessary; a patio, deck, windowbox, or even a…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Give Your Garden a Seaweed Boost

    Like a spring tonic, seaweed invigorates your plants and enriches your soil. Learn what it does, and how and when to apply it for best results