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    8 Ways to Create Crowd-Pleasing Containers

    Containers open up a world of design possibilities for apartment dwellers, gardeners with limited time or space, and anyone who wants to add an instant focal point to their daily…

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    3 Myths About Soil

    Being mostly hidden from view makes soil mysterious, and over the years, a fair share of soil myths have been generated. These falsehoods have overstayed their welcome because, first, they’re…

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    Measuring the Miracle in Miracle Plant Foods

    This gardening season I tested the marketing claims made by three different companies in side-by-side trials. Were the results exceptional and miraculous? Was I able to grow more beautiful plants?…

  • Square foot gardening raised beds

    Is Square Foot Gardening a Good System?

    I am not here to bash square foot gardening (SFG). Any system that has been encouraging people to grow their own food for the past 40 years should be applauded.…

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    Natural Fertilizer Boosts Organic Gardening

    Organic gardeners are always on the lookout for all-natural, multi-purpose products that can be used to improve their gardening efforts. As it turns out, one old-fashioned fertilizer could be your…

  • Choosing the Right Soilless Mix

    Choosing the Right Soilless Potting Mix

    A good growing medium will ensure that your plants get a healthy balance of water and air

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    10 Ways to Keep Your Garden Healthy

    Learn how to eliminate plant diseases by understanding and managing the conditions that cause them

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    The Basics of Fertilizing

    Knowing how to apply fertilizers effectively is as crucial to vigorous plant growth as knowing a plant's hardiness zone. In this video, Lee Reich, author of Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden,…

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    Organic Fertilizer Sources for the Garden

    Here's a list of some organic fertilizers that you may want to have on hand.

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    What Does NPK Mean?

    Here's the short answer.