• Looking for a little structure? At different heights and configurations, lattice trellises and fences make this vegetable patch feel like a series of rooms. The framed supports also help get vining veggies off the ground.

    Lattice Can Help Organize Your Veggie Garden

    When we were building our house on a lakeshore in south­western Michigan, it wasn’t immediately clear where we would put the vegetable garden. We realized the dense shade of the…

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    Seed to Fork

    Today we’re visiting Meg Cowden’s garden. We live in the western Twin Cities of Minnesota and enjoy a short and intense growing season. We relish pushing the season to its…

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    Protecting Favorite Plants From Hungry Deer

    Terry Redling sent in these photos of favorite parts of their garden in Gillette, New Jersey. Terry says that their favorite time of day is when they get to tend…

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    A Connecticut Yankee’s Tribute to Chinese Gardens

    Today’s Chinese-inspired garden comes from Bill Sullivan: I live in Bethel, Connecticut, and have been working on the garden for 20 years. All of the plants in the garden either…

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    How to Create a Pest-Proof Vegetable Garden

    When my husband, Andy, and I moved to our new home in rural Washington, we knew we wanted a large vegetable garden. However, with our new idyllic location came to…

  • Deer-Proof Electric Fence

    Deer-Proof Electric Fence

    Just a bit shocking, this simple fence can keep deer from devouring your vegetables

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    Gorgeous Out of the Gate

    The most basic reason for a garden gate is to keep people, pests, or pets in or out, but a gate can be so much more than just a boundary…

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    Learn to Build a Fence, Arbor, or Bridge to Support Your Tomatoes

    Peek over the back fence of almost any home in summer and you’ll find it: a robust tomato plant standing proudly, its leaves, stems, and fruit bulging out, around, and…