fall garden

  • rustic cabin garden

    Another Visit to Mel’s Rustic Cabin Garden

    We're returning to Mel's gorgeous New York State garden today. I sent in a GPOD entry in March 2022: Mel's Rustic Cabin Garden. This submission focused on the summer garden,…

  • Episode 125: Sensational Seed Heads

    Episode 125: Sensational Seed Heads

    Flowers and foliage get most of the fanfare, but a plant with eye-catching seed heads will add interest for weeks or even months after its bloom time is over. The…

  • meadow garden in fall

    Nancy Ondra’s Pennsylvania Garden

    Today’s photos are from Nancy Ondra. Hayefield, my homestead in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, began over 20 years ago, when I built a log cabin on a minimally managed hayfield on…

  • dark brown seed heads and light pink flowers in fall garden

    Return to Chad and Seyra’s Garden

    Yesterday we visited Chad and Seyra’s garden in Woodbury, Connecticut, and today we're back to see more of their beautiful plants. Like a lot of other gardeners, we love the…

  • late fall perennials

    Perennials That Bloom Through Late Fall

    As the weather starts to cool in midfall, many flower beds drift into a slump. The mighty summer bloomers have declined and gone to seed, and there aren’t many plants…

  • close up of prickly pear cactus fruit

    Fall in South Carolina

    Johanna Smith here in Aiken, South Carolina, with pleasures and treasures from my fall garden. My Meyer lemon tree (Citrus × meyeri, Zones 8–11) has become as wide as my…

  • close up of Sweetshrub with yellow foliage in fall

    Fall Beauties From Nancy

    Today Nancy Mellen is sharing some photos of fall foliage, berries, and other end-of-the-season beauties from her garden in Hingham, Massachusetts. She grows primarily native perennials and shrubs for the…

  • grasses and evergeen plants surrounding yellow foliage plants

    Nick’s Michigan Garden

    My name is Nick Bresso. I live in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, which is just north of Detroit. My garden is in Zone 6a. We moved to our home four years…

  • fall container plants

    Unexpected Container Plants for Fall

    Fall and winter give me the opportunity to start over with my container designs, even though we associate this time with the end of the growing season. My favorite plants…

  • garden border with colorful shrubs and evergreen trees

    Yvonne’s Autumn Garden

    Yvonne is sharing her garden with us again today. My garden was previously featured in the GPOD (Yvonne's Garden in Virginia and Yvonne's Woodland and Japanese Inspired Gardens). I garden…