fall garden

  • terra-cotta urn in the middle of various colored ground covers

    Visiting Sylvia’s Garden

    Cherry Ong is a frequent GPOD contributor, sharing both her own beautiful garden and those she visits on her travels. But she also helps out in her friend Sylvia’s garden…

  • various shrubs wit fall color

    Fall in Anne’s Northern Garden

    We’re off to Canada today to visit Anne’s garden. You have visited my garden before (A Garden That Works With Nature Instead of Fighting It). We are located not far…

  • Design

    Tingshu’s Massachusetts Garden

    My name is Tingshu Hu. I live in Dunstable, Massachusetts (Zone 5b), but I love plants for warmer regions, such as canna (Canna hybrids, Zones 8–11 or as tender bulbs),…

  • wide view of fall garden with pink flowers and colorful foliage

    Fall in Carol’s Garden

    Today we’re off to Berwyn, Pennsylvania (Zone 6b), to visit Carol Verhake’s gorgeous garden. We’ve visited Carol’s garden before (Carefully Chosen Colors Bring a Garden Together), and it is always…

  • garden bed with lots of yellow flowers

    Julie’s Garden in Late Summer and Fall

    This is Julie Prince (Julie's Georgia Garden), with a few pictures from the late summer and fall garden. The pool garden was started in the summer of 2020. The front-drive…

  • stone garden path surrounded by plants in fall

    Mary Spencer’s Fall 2023 Garden

    We’re in Westminster, Maryland, today to see how fall is treating Mary Spencer’s garden. Last time we visited Mary it was in the spring (Spring in Mary's Garden), so it…

  • white flowers and colorful fall foliage plants

    Fall in Kris’s Garden

    I am Kris Northup, and I live in beautiful central Pennsylvania, Zone 6b. We are having an unusually long growing season here this year, presenting us with some really amazing…

  • bright red Japanese maple with green trees behind

    Late October in Carla’s Garden, Part 2

    We’re back with Carla Z. Mudry in Malvern, Pennsylvania, today, enjoying the beauty that was late October in her garden. It is a magical moment before the first frost when…

  • close up of tea camellia in bloom

    Late October in Carla’s Garden

    We’re visiting with regular GPOD contributor Carla Z. Mudry in Malvern, Pennsylvania, today. These photos are from late October in my garden. My bulbs have been planted, and I even…

  • close up of hydrangea with pink flowers

    GPOD on the Road: University of BC Botanical Garden

    We’ve visited Susan Esche’s home garden before (A Garden Wedding, the Flowers, and the Deer), but today she’s taking us along to visit a public garden in Vancouver, British Columbia.…