Evergreen Shrubs

  • Glasnevin Wine silk tassel bush

    A Silk Tassel Bush With Superb Winter Blooms

    Garrya is a genus of just eight species of evergreen shrubs to small trees confined to western North America and northern Mexico. Of these eight species, only two or three,…

  • shrubs for screening

    Evergreen Shrubs for Screening

    During the coldest months of the year in the South, when most of the leaves have fallen, it often becomes apparent where in your garden you could use some evergreen…

  • Article

    Carla’s Garden in Winter

    Today we’re visiting with regular GPOD contributor Carla Z. Mudry in Malvern, Pennsylvania. The garden in winter is magical all on its own. It doesn’t have the lushness of a…

  • Article

    Native Landscape in the City

    Today, garden designers Michael and George are sharing a landscape they created. We are a small garden design company (www.bluestemgardens.net) located in Brooklyn, New York, endeavoring to get more people…

  • conifers

    Everything You Need to Know About Conifers

    What is a conifer? We think of it as an evergreen plant with needle-like foliage, but a conifer is simply a plant that bears cones. And not all conifers are…