• How to Pinch a Plant

    Tip: How to Pinch a Plant

    Pinching a plant almost feels mean. It has just put out all this nice new growth, and you’re taking it away. But the rewards are worth the sacrifice. Many plants…

  • Bluestar (Amsonia spp. and cvs., Zones 3–9)

    Can I Cut This Back?

    If you have never cut back a perennial during the growing season, it can be a little scary to take the pruners to it. Here is the timing for some…

  • “stadium style” proLongs the bloom season

    How to Prune Garden Perennials in Summer

    It’s midsummer, and you miss that fresh look of your perennial borders. What happened to the spring green foliage and neat habit of your plants? Some plants are sprawling, flopping,…

  • How-To

    Northern California August Garden To-Do List

    In the edible garden Harvest your bounty. Summer vegetables are at their best now. August is a time of abundance in the vegetable garden, with bountiful crops of summer squash,…

  • How-To

    Southern Plains August Garden To-Do List

    August is the month when many gardeners in our region dream of moving to cooler climes. Northern gardeners lament the month of January, but we suffer through August’s doldrums instead.…

  • How-To

    Northern Plains July Garden To-Do List

    Get inspired. Discover new plants and design ideas by going on garden tours, visiting botanical gardens, and visiting state and national parks. Whether you are looking to mimic nature’s design,…

  • How-To

    Midwest July Garden To-Do List

    Monitor for insects and diseases. Use an integrated pest management (IPM) approach by first determining your threshold for taking action. Through inspection and monitoring, identify the pest or disease and…

  • How-To

    Southern Plains June Garden To-Do List

    Collect seed from spring bloomers. In the rush to tear out spent annuals or cut back perennials that have finished flowering, don’t forget to collect seed for next year. After…

  • How-To

    Midseason Perennial Pruning

    When most people think of pruning perennials, the first thing they think of is tidying up their garden before spring. However, there may be times you wish to take a…

  • How-To

    Off With Their Heads: Deadheading Perennials

    Removing spent blossoms keeps perennials tidy and triggers more flowers