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    When Spring Goes Bad

    Today’s photos come from Susan Rand, who has a bone to pick with spring. We’ve lived and gardened in Colorado (Zone 5) for 36 years, and I’ve learned never to…

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    Time to Start Thinking About Spring

    For most of us, fall is starting to arrive—cooler temperatures, maybe even the threat of frost. It's time to say goodbye to the summer annuals and time to start thinking…

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    Inspiration for Spring Bulb Design

    Fall is around the corner, and while you are probably getting ready to start decorating your garden with pumpkins and hay bales, this is also the time to think ahead—way…

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    Arrange Daffodils That Won’t Flop

    When daffodils appear in early spring, it can be hard to resist bringing them inside for a much-needed floral fix after the long winter. The only problem, however, is the…

  • N. ‘Accent’ (1960, Zones 3–8)

    Classic Daffodils

    An experienced bulb grower recommends 11 of her favorites