Arrange Daffodils That Won’t Flop

Spring flowers always seem to stand tall for a day or so, but then they begin to flop over in the vase

Sue Roman; produced by Antonio Reis

When daffodils appear in early spring, it can be hard to resist bringing them inside for a much-needed floral fix after the long winter. The only problem, however, is the tendency of daffodils to flop over in an unappealing way. We found a better way to arrange daffodils so that they won’t look so sad in your vase. Follow along with Fine Gardening editor Steve Aitken in this video tip as he shows you the secret to having beautiful upright daffodils for your spring bouquets.

Use this simple trick to keep your daffodils upright longer.

Materials needed

  • Vase with water
  • Bouquet of daffodils
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Scissors


Secret: daffodil stems are hollow.

  1. To keep the flowers upright longer, carefully insert a pipe cleaner into the base of the daffodil stem.
  2. Make sure to stop as soon as you feel resistance. This means that you have reached the head of the daffodil.
  3. If there the pipe cleaner is hanging out of the bottom of the daffodil, snip it off with the scissors.
  4. Repeat with all of the daffodils, arrange them in a vase, and enjoy them!


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