container designs

  • container planting with both dark and bright foliage

    Inspiring Container Plantings

    Today’s photos are from Cherry Ong in Richmond, British Columbia. I wanted to share with you some amazing container garden designs by Hunter Norminton. I volunteer for a local nursery.…

  • Collection

    Gorgeous Garden Container Designs, Tips, and Inspiration

    Like a blank canvas, a new container presents limitless opportunities and options for form, color, and texture. But before letting your imagination run wild with garden container designs for over-the-top…

  • Winter Containers

    Uncommon Options for Winter Containers

    Winter containers can be a challenge. With fewer plants available in many parts of the country, even the best container designers often resort to arrangements of cut greens and colorful…

  • edibles in fall containers

    Cold-Hardy Edibles Add a Unique Flare to Fall Containers—Planting Plans

    If you're looking for a way to add a pop of the unexpected to your containers, including hardy edibles can be a wonderful way to increase interest and set your…

  • containers with bold contrast

    Containers With Serious Contrast

    How often do you return home from an expensive assault on the local nursery to find that, ultimately, your container design is disappointing for reasons you cannot quite explain? Creating…

  • designing terrariums

    A Fresh Take on Terrariums

    Why limit yourself to a single, static design in a closed, foggy vessel?

  • edibles for containers

    Five Attractive Edibles for Containers

    Don't overlook these five edible beauties as outstanding ornamental container contenders.

  • three containers with pink flowers and bold foliage

    Jeff’s Containers in Tennessee

    Our friend Jeff Calton (tntreeman) was so inspired by last Thursday's containers from Butchart Gardens that he decided to share some of his own designs with us today! Some are…

  • Shelley's container designs in British Columbia

    Shelley’s Container Designs in British Columbia

    Today's photos, yet again, are from Cherry Ong in Richmond, British Columbia. And once again, they're not from her garden, but rather from container designer Shelley Brignall at Phoenix Perennials...

  • spring container with pansies

    Take a Fresh Approach to Pansies

    Pansies and poinsettias have a lot in common. Most people (gardeners included) view them as disposable plants—enjoyed for a few short weeks and then tossed aside. Although everyone is excited…