Colorful Perennials

  • reblooming perennials

    Reliably Reblooming Perennial Plants

    There are many things to consider when selecting a herbaceous perennial plant for the garden. Some slots are for sentimental plantings, like a piece of Grandma’s peony from the family…

  • Trees turning autumn colors around a red barn

    Teresa’s Ontario Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Teresa Gordon. We live in Zone 6, Thornbury, Ontario, Canada. We retired here almost five years ago and have been establishing a new garden. Leaving behind…

  • Hannah's Flower Garden

    Hannah’s Flower Garden

    Today’s photos come from Hannah Miller. Hi GPOD people! I am an organic vegetable farmer alongside my husband and four kids in southeastern Minnesota, near Rochester. My passion is my…

  • Design

    Gardening in the Midwest

    Today we’re in the Midwest visiting Vanessa Lehnhoff’s beautiful garden. Hostas (Hosta hybrids, Zones 3–9) are a staple of Midwestern shade gardens, and for good reason: They thrive through cold…

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    Few perennials are as flamboyant as hibiscus. Their flowers can be up to 10 inches wide or larger, which is inconceivable for something that’s not tropical. Hibiscuses have been in gardens…

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    Why Aren’t You Growing More Baptisias?

    Years ago, I decided to plant a baptisia in my small garden. I was willing to give up precious space to such a large plant in expectation of the vibrant…

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    Combinations Made in the Shade

    When paired, these subtle perennials bring out the best in each other

  • Design

    Peonies That Stand Up and Stand Out

    An expert picks glorious varieties for garden and vase

  • 'Bluebird' smooth aster

    All About Asters

    From tall to small, splashy to subdued, these perennials are proven performers.

  • Design

    Perennials for the Edge

    These short and sweet plants deserve a spot in the front row along beds and walkways and in containers.