• Textured Plants that Steal the Show

    Textured Plants That Steal the Show

    While color and form were important factors in choosing the plants, a mix of bold and fine textures makes the backbone of the ­design. Here are some of the most…

  • bright orange flowers

    Beauties From Barry’s Garden

    Barry Severn grows many wonderful plants in his garden outside Toronto. We’ve visited his garden before (Last Year in Barry's Garden), and it is always a pleasure to see what…

  • large mass of blue flowers

    Eric in South Carolina

    Today’s photos are from Eric Shealy, a horticulturalist who works at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in Columbia, South Carolina. Gardening in South Carolina means beautiful flowers can arrive any day…

  • Galactic Pink chaste tree

    Galactic Pink® Chaste Tree Delivers an Out-of-This-World Performance

    It is not often I am smitten by a new shrub its first year in the garden, but when Galactic Pink® chaste tree bloomed for the first time, it was…

  • bright colored flowers and foliage in the garden

    Before and After in Shelley’s Garden

    Today we’re in Old Chatham, New York, visiting with Shelley Haefner. I have been gardening for a little over 12 years now. At the beginning of my journey, I just…

  • plants in shades of red

    Designing a Garden With Sequential Color

    Every garden I design has a theme, even if it is just about color. A sequential color design is not created with the aim of one plant blooming after another,…

  • pink annual flower

    Vibrant, Unexpected Color From a Classic Annual

    While you’re perusing seed catalogs or the annual section at your local garden center this year, don’t overlook this jaw-dropping plant if you see it. ‘Fire King’ pincushion flower is…

  • pink and purple flowers behind blue ornamental grass

    Zone 4b Minneapolis Garden

    Today we’re in Minneapolis, visiting Arianne Baldomero’s garden. This is a garden filled with flowers and lots of color. In this view, balloon flower (Platycodon grandiflorus, Zones 3–8) takes the…

  • A shrub with huge pink flowers with tall purple flowers in front of it

    Charlene’s Pennsylvania Garden

    Today we’re in the town of North East, Pennsylvania, visiting Charlene Kerr’s garden. We are located on the south shore of Lake Erie, in northwestern Pennsylvania (even though the town…

  • Deadheading Begonia in Hanging basket with Helichrysum

    Out-of-the-Ordinary Containers for Shade

    Do you feel like once you’ve seen one shady container design, you’ve really seen them all? I often feel that way, and I have no excuse for monotony since I…