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    GPOD on the road: Potawatomi Conservatory

    This is your GPOD editor, Joseph, from my frozen garden in northern Indiana. Winter has well and truly arrived for me here, we’ve had a few snows, good hard freezes.…

  • close up of yellow prickly pear cactus flowers

    Cactus in Upstate New York

    Today we’re visiting with Noah Donovan, who loves growing cacti. We’ve featured plenty of cactus-filled gardens on the GPOD, usually in places like Arizona or California. Noah is unusual in…

  • garden bed with different types of cacti

    Tracy’s Dry Garden in California

    Hi! I'm Tracy, gardening in the East Bay, California, Zone 9b. I've done 100% of the planting here; the space behind the house was just a pile of mud when…

  • small cactus next to pink and yellow flowers

    Kyle’s Iowa Garden

    Today we’re off to Des Moines, Iowa, to visit with Kyle Dallefeld. He grew up working with plants in the family grass seed business and got into horticulture at an…

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    Winter in Arizona

    Today’s post is from Melissa Grosso in Fountain Hills, Arizona. We’ve visited her garden before and even had a chance to visit her sister’s garden in California. Today she is…

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    Columnar Cacti for the Southwest

    A beautiful thing about cacti is the variety of shapes and sizes you can find for your specific needs and space. We love having a variety of heights in our…

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    Beautiful and Delicious Fruits of Southwestern Cacti

    Now that we’re more accustomed to living in the Southwest, we’ve been getting a little more experimental with cacti. We have recently started cooking with them—their fruit, that is! The…

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    A Drought-Tolerant California Garden

    Today's photos come from Stephen Katcher. I am writing to share some pictures of my garden in Studio City, California. I live with my wife of twenty years, our two…

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    Some Favorite Houseplants

    Today we take a trip to Joseph’s indoor garden. Spring is coming eventually, but most of my gardening is still focused on what is happening inside, so I thought I’d…

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    Plants That Still Look Good After a Long, Hot Summer

    Jeff Carlton has shared photos from his wonderful Tennessee garden with us several times before. If you’ve missed them, check some of them out here and here. Today’s he’s thinking about…