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    Succulents Indoors: As Easy as You Might Think?

    You want to bring your succulents indoors, and who can blame you? Succulents are refreshingly offbeat, bordering on freaky in their physical appearance. Envision the botan­ical version of a rhinoceros,…

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    A Jungle in New England

    Today’s photos come from Michael Passarello’s garden in North Stamford, Connecticut. I am a gardener that has one of the most unusual gardens in Connecticut. I began it almost 20…

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    Plants That Still Look Good After a Long, Hot Summer

    Jeff Carlton has shared photos from his wonderful Tennessee garden with us several times before. If you’ve missed them, check some of them out here and here. Today’s he’s thinking about…

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    Cactus in Italy

    Jan LeClair sent in today’s photos. She writes: I am submitting some garden photos from Sicily. You published my photos a year and a half ago from the famous Valley…

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    Cactus collection

    Today’s photos come from Josh in Virginia and show his ever growing collection of cacti and other succulents. His interest in cacti started with trying to find houseplants that his…

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    Building a Crevice Garden

    Crevice gardening is a bit of a trend among gardeners at the moment. A crevice garden is built by partially burying wide, flat pieces of stone vertically, like the pages…

  • a cactus next to its new pot

    An Easy Way to Repot a Cactus

    Cacti are beautiful plants that are fairly easy to take care of, and they can bring a desert feel to any home. However, when the time comes to repot your…

  • soil recipe for cacti and succulents

    Potting Soil Recipe for Cacti and Succulents

    Just as creating a healthy soil environment is crucial for your in-ground plants, providing a suitable growing medium for your container plants is a key factor to success. Most gardeners…