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  • smaller potted plants next to a large variegated agave

    The Arid Greenhouse at the Centennial Park Conservatory

    Cherry Ong is taking us back to the conservatory at Centennial Park in the Toronto area. Today we're on a visit to the arid house, which is full of plants…

  • purple and white Delphinium flowers

    GPOD on the Road: Fairbanks, Alaska

    My name is Fran, and I live in Massachusetts. I have submitted my home garden before, but today I’m sharing photos for GPOD on the Road. My husband and I…

  • centennial park conservatory

    GPOD on the Road: Centennial Park Conservatory

    Barry Severn is taking us along on a trip to Centennial Park Conservatory in Toronto. As you’ll see, these greenhouses are packed with all kinds of beautiful plants. I’m sure…

  • public gardens

    Public Gardens Worth Traveling to in the United States

    Whether you're going for inspiration, education, or simply to have fun with family and friends, public gardens are must-see destinations for plant-loving tourists and locals alike. These plant palaces range…

  • A pond with a fountain in it

    Spring in Norfolk

    Hi all, this is Joseph, your GPOD editor, and today I’m sharing some photos from a trip I took at the end of March to Norfolk Botanical Gardens in Norfolk,…

  • Ruth Bancroft Gardens

    A Visit to the Ruth Bancroft Gardens and Nursery

    A visit to the Ruth Bancroft Gardens in Walnut Creek is particularly rewarding in late winter and early spring. While most of our own landscapes are still looking drab, this…

  • wisteria vines in winter

    What Do Chanticleer Gardeners Do in Winter?

    For most gardeners in the Mid-Atlantic region, winter is a time to reset, unwind, and reflect on the past season. Most of us stick to winter pruning, poring over plant…

  • Missouri Botanical Garden

    In the Greenhouse at the Missouri Botanical Garden

    Today we’re taking a tropical escape with Linda Mayer. I visited the iconic geodesic dome Climatron at Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis. Because I am very eager to resume…

  • North Carolina Arboretum

    Field Trip to the North Carolina Arboretum

    As if there wasn’t enough to do in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, the North Carolina Arboretum stands out as a must-visit location. Not only is it a great place for…

  • Design

    Visiting the Tucson Botanical Gardens

    Having lived in larger cities most of our lives, we weren’t expecting anything grandiose or mind-blowing when we pulled up to the Tucson Botanical Gardens. We expected a quaint, little…