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In the Greenhouse at the Missouri Botanical Garden

A quick tropical vacation

Missouri Botanical Garden

Today we’re taking a tropical escape with Linda Mayer.

I visited the iconic geodesic dome Climatron at Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis. Because I am very eager to resume gardening and due to staying home so much during the pandemic, I was awed at the entrance by such a gorgeous, tropical, green display. I thought you might enjoy a walk-through with me. I apologize for not identifying the plants, but between the high humidity, warm temperature, and my COVID mask, my glasses were continually obstructed by condensation. Missouri Botanical Garden is currently undergoing a massive construction project that will include a new, larger visitor center among other improvements, including a conservatory.

Path leading through lush tropical foliageWarm greenhouse spaces at your local public garden are key escapes from the cold, dreary days of winter! This is particularly so when we can’t travel to actual tropical locations.

Small waterfall surrounded by plantsA lovely water feature in the greenhouse is surrounded by lush tropical foliage. I wish I had this in my house! Though it might not be possible to have a waterfall indoors, many of these plants will adapt nicely to life as a houseplant if you have bright windows or add some supplemental lights.

Climatron at Missouri Botanical GardenLooking up through the tropical foliage to the geodesic dome covering the Climatron.

Diverse tropical plants growing in a greenhouseTropical gardens are often foliage-forward, and this is a great example of how leaves of diverse sizes and textures can make a wonderful garden display without the need for lots of colorful flowers.

Spiky orange flowers on an arching green plantPretty amazing blooms on this plant. Tropicals are out of my wheelhouse, so if anyone knows what this is, please ID it in the comments. It is gorgeous, whatever it is!

View of a greenhouse filled with plantsOne last view of the space. Just what we all need to shake off the winter blues!


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  1. Chellemp 03/02/2021

    Thank you for showcasing the Climatron, Linda. It's been too long since I've visited the Missouri Botanical Garden.

  2. User avater
    treasuresmom 03/02/2021

    One day I would love to visit there.

  3. User avater
    simplesue 03/02/2021

    Wow, I just looked at your link and also the wikipedia page for this garden and loved the statue and Shaw's garden outside...
    Your inside photos really remind me of our Phipp's Conservatory in Pittsburgh....Phipp's price of admission is outrageously high- $ even though I live within walking distance I don't have the luxury of just taking a short walk through for a just few minutes. Such a shame. I think these types of conservatories should be more accessible to the general public.

  4. User avater
    gringopeligroso 03/02/2021

    Linda, Joseph, The spectacular orange flowered shrub is a Freycinetia, a.k.a Climbing Pandanus, and if memory serves, it calls the Philippine Islands its homeland. That eye-catching color lasts for most of a 12 month year!!

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