Border Design

  • garden utilizing deer-resistant plants

    A Garden Plan for a Beautiful, Deer-Resistant Border

    Creating a garden with a backbone of colorful, interesting foliage ensures interest even when nothing is in bloom or if inquisitive deer decide to taste-test the flower buds. Varying the…

  • beautiful garden border
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    Building Beautiful Garden Borders

    When I first began gardening I remember a more experienced friend asking me, “How deep are you going to make your borders?” I turned to her with a confused look,…

  • Plants for hiding fence

    Great Plants for Hiding a Fence

    A balanced mix of woody plants and perennials delivers the best show throughout the year. Learn how to design a gorgeous garden to border a fence. Designing a Beautiful Back…

  • garden design to hide fence

    A Gorgeous Garden Design to Border a Fence

    No one wants to sit in their backyard and stare at a fence, no matter how pretty it is. I have been designing gardens for decades, and not once has…

  • plants for back border

    Designing a Beautiful Back Border—Planting Plan

    If you fell in love with Stacie Crooks’s border in the article Designing a Beautiful Back Border from issue #208 of Fine Gardening magazine, you are not alone—so did we.…

  • big bold plants

    Big and Bold Plants for the Back of the Border

    A garden and a chorus have certain similarities, with lots of different plants or lots of different voices coming together to create something beautiful. If all the plants or voices…

  • sunny garden bed full of pink flowers

    Beth’s Poolside Garden

    Today we’re visiting Beth Tucker’s Waxhaw, North Carolina, garden. We have been in this home for five years and had the pool put in three years ago. It’s taken a…

  • mixed border planting

    Designing a Native Mixed Border in the Mountain West

    Adding native plants in the landscape is a design trend that continues to increase in popularity. For those of us in the Mountain West, this primarily means choosing natives that…

  • bleeding heart and hellebores

    Spring Border Design for the Northwest

    Designing spring borders is always a little challenging. Some plants are stubborn and refuse to bloom at the same time every year. Other plants are just emerging and are not…

  • build better borders

    Building Better Borders

    Use plant combinations that focus on complementary colors, textures, and forms