Blue Plants

  • yellow tulips next to Virginia bluebells

    Not Only Violets Are Blue: Part 1

    Hi GPODers! Wednesdays can bring on the midweek blues, but Kathy Schreurs is helping us see "blue" in a whole new light. I’m Kathy Schreurs from northwest Iowa, where our…

  • backyard garden with birdbath and purple flowers

    Kathy’s Iowa Garden

    I just scrolled again through Keith’s Zone 3 photos (Return to Keith's Zone 3 Garden) of his garden full of hot-colored annuals and perennials. So vibrant! Hmmm . . .…

  • big purple flowers growing on a vine

    Blues from Kathleen’s Garden

    I’m Kathleen Shelman, and I’ve gardened on our acre in Corbett, Oregon, for 35 years. I love using blue in my garden, so here’s a sampling of blues throughout the…

  • blue conifer tree

    Blue Conifers for the Midwest

    As our Midwest gardens transition to those long winter months, we start to focus on any remaining elements that offer color and texture. Ornamental bark, colorful stems, showy fruits, and…

  • Compact blue Eastern red cedar

    Icy Blue Conifers for the Southeast

    Interest in growing conifers in the Southeast continues to be on the rise. Every year we learn more about which species and cultivars grow best in our region. One of…

  • Elsa Spath clematis

    Beautiful Blue Perennials for Northern California

    The color blue evokes pleasant feelings of tranquility and harmony. Blue hues appear to be refreshing as well as calming and soothing to body and mind. In the garden, blue…