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  • variegated agaves

    The Best Variegated Agaves for the Southwest

    When it comes to sculptural form in the garden, it’s hard to compete with a well-grown agave (Agave spp. and cvs., Zones 7b–11). With sizes ranging from 6-inch rosettes to…

  • succulents that grow on a windowsill

    Vibrant Succulents to Brighten Your Indoor Space

    Succulents thrive in arid, often harsh climates, with abundant bright sunshine year-round and little to no regular water. They have adapted to such conditions by developing thick, fleshy leaves and…

  • Episode 139: Favorite Succulents

    Episode 139: Favorite Succulents

    Quirky, collectible, and water-wise, succulents will add eye-catching texture to any garden bed or container display. There are some succulents that are cold hardy, while others will need to be…

  • cactus with large bright red flowers

    Idaho Gardening with Nich

    Today’s photos are from Nich, who works as a plant breeder and grower at Edward’s Greenhouse in Boise, Idaho, which is in USDA Zone 6. This beautiful view is from…

  • ocotillo in bloom

    Ocotillo Is a Native Shrub You Need to Grow

    Ocotillo (Fouquieria splendens, Zones 7–11) is an unusually beautiful desert gem. This succulent shrub, often misidentified as a cactus, is impossible to miss when you are traveling through the desert.…

  • Ruth Bancroft Gardens

    A Visit to the Ruth Bancroft Gardens and Nursery

    A visit to the Ruth Bancroft Gardens in Walnut Creek is particularly rewarding in late winter and early spring. While most of our own landscapes are still looking drab, this…

  • Desert rose blooms

    Desert Rose for the Southwest

    Desert rose (Adenium obesum, Zones 10b–12) is a slow-growing succulent that delivers beautifully deep pink blooms throughout the summer in the Southwest. You can now find hybrids that have orange,…

  • Design

    Growing Succulents for Color

    As temperatures soar, all the grass in the neighborhood begins to brown, and you have to deadhead your flowers a day after they bloom, it feels like you’d do almost…

  • Article

    Plants That Still Look Good After a Long, Hot Summer

    Jeff Carlton has shared photos from his wonderful Tennessee garden with us several times before. If you’ve missed them, check some of them out here and here. Today’s he’s thinking about…

  • Article

    Making Succulent Wreaths

    Today’s photos come from Rachel Hermansen. And she’s got a confession to make: My name is Rachel, and I am addicted to succulents. Well, as addictions go, succulents aren’t a bad…