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Beauties that thrive in a dry climate

cactus with large bright red flowers

Today’s photos are from Nich, who works as a plant breeder and grower at Edward’s Greenhouse in Boise, Idaho, which is in USDA Zone 6.

mountainous Idaho landscapeThis beautiful view is from the Bogus Basin Recreation Area.

tiny succulents with bright orange flowersThis unusual little succulent is an intergeneric hybrid called Aloinopsis that was bred from species native to South Africa that are surprisingly winter hardy as long as they don’t get too wet in the winter. On this seedling, the flowers are canary yellow on the first day they open and then age to orange.

Agave havardianaA beautiful Agave havardiana collects snow in the cold of winter. This is one of the hardiest of the agave species, surviving into Zone 6 or 7 and especially doing well in dry climates.

large plant with skinny silver foliageUsually I think of lupines as being grown for their flowers, but this one, Lupinus albifrons, is treasured for its incredible silvery foliage.

small plant with bright pink flowersPelargonium is a genus most of us know for the tender zonal geraniums that are so commonly grown as annuals, but this species, Pelargonium endlicherianum, is winter hardy with good drainage, surviving into Zone 6. Nich grew this from seed.

cactus with peach pink flowersThe hardy prickly pear, Opuntia woodsii (Zones 5–9), has beautiful flowers. In addition to them, this one has pads that stay firm and upright during the winter rather than shriveling up and collapsing in the cold like so many of the cold-hardy prickly pears do.

succulent with nodding pink and orange flowerCotyledon orbiculata looks like it would be a tender plant, but it can survive into Zone 6 in the right conditions. It has beautiful silver powdered leaves and bright orange flowers.

small red and blue flowers clustered togetherCastilleja integra (Zones 4–8) with Penstemon heterophyllus (Zones 6–10) bloom together in the spring. Both will rebloom if cut back before they set seed.

cactus with large bright red flowersEchinocereus triglochidatus (Zones 6–9) is an incredible hardy cactus. This particular plant is special to Nich because it was selected by his husband, Robb, out of thousands of plants for its flower size, color, and overall form. Clearly Robb has good taste!


If you want to see more from Nich, check out his Instagram.


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  1. nwphilagardener 05/05/2022

    Thanks, Nich. It's fun to see plants in such a different climate. Great pops of color and cool textures!

  2. fromvirginia 05/05/2022

    So cool. Incredible colors. Thanks for sharing.

  3. hazyhill 05/05/2022

    Beautiful! I never met a succulent I didn't like, but most of mine have to live indoors here in zone 5.

  4. User avater
    simplesue 05/05/2022

    Your "Pelargonium endlicherianum" (I've never heard of them before) really caught my eye and then to read that you even grew it from seed- I'm impressed!
    I don't think I've ever seen most of your plants, and all growing in the USA and so exotic and different than our gardens in Pennsylvania!
    An enjoyable post!

    1. User avater
      simplesue 05/05/2022

      Oh and PS...your " Lupinus albifrons" is just amazing, and I'm glad there are some fallen tree leaves in the photo to show how delicate leaves are- just gorgeous!

  5. btucker9675 05/05/2022

    Fantastic - thanks for sharing these most enjoyable photos of wonderful plants!

  6. Anthony_Lee007 05/09/2022

    The flower is so pretty. I might add some of this in my new car
    next week. Anyone know where can I buy a small portion of this type of flower ?

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