• summer alliums

    The Best Summer Alliums to Grow: Plant Trial Results

    Some years ago, during a midsummer trip to Wisconsin, I found myself transfixed by a vast planting of ‘Summer Beauty’ allium dotted throughout with taller bright pink coneflowers (Echinacea spp.…

  • plant trials

    Missing Plant Trials and Chile Rellenos | Letter from the Editor

    Before we stopped traveling for the better part of two years, my favorite annual trip for Fine Gardening was to the Chicago Botanic Garden. Every year I’d visit Richard Hawke,…

  • Design

    Inspiration for Spring Bulb Design

    Fall is around the corner, and while you are probably getting ready to start decorating your garden with pumpkins and hay bales, this is also the time to think ahead—way…

  • Design

    Alliums All Season Long

    Deer resistant and dynamic, these bulbs provide color from the first showers of spring to the last leaves of fall

  • Article

    Bringing in the Alliums

    Right now, we are rich in alliums. In the past few weeks, we have been curing the alliums--garlic, onions and shallots--which we harvested about three weeks or so ago. It…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Cultivating the Alliums: From Mild to Wild

    Though spring has sprung, it's not too late to plant some allium plants in your garden. Here is a basic guide of what to grow and how to prepare the…