Showy Fruit

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    Climbing prairie rose

    Rosa 'Setigura'

    Climbing prairie rose has fragrant deep pink flowers 2 inches in diameter. 

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    ‘Iowa’ Chinese juniper

    Juniperus chinensis ‘Iowa’

    This is a slow-growing evergreen shrub with a formal appearance, with its narrow, columnar form and outstanding gray-green foliage.

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    ‘Cornelia’ Hybrid musk rose

    Rosa 'Cornelia'

    This old-fashioned looking rose has a bicolor look with its clustered coral buds and pink double flowers with copper centers.

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    Arisaema triphyllum

    A favorite of children, Jack-in-the-pulpit is a tuberous perennial producing one or two leaves, each divided into three narrow leaflets.

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    ‘Mozart’ Hybrid musk rose

    Rosa 'Mozart'

    This profuse bloomer produces enormous sprays of small, single pink blooms with white centers and dark reddish-pink edges.

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    Ilex verticillata ‘Sunsplash’

    Ilex verticillata 'Sunsplash'

    The one thing that I always thought would make winterberry a more interesting plant is better foliage.

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    Ziziphus obtusifolia

    Appropriately named, this open shrub has grayish green leaves and stiff, thorn-tipped branches.

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    Amethyst coralberry

    Symphoricarpos × doorenbosii 'Kordes'

    This hybrid produces vivid deep purple-pink fruit from late summer on.

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    Hybrid Wichurana rambler

    Rosa 'Bobby James'

    This sweetly scented, rambling rose has glossy leaves and produces large groups of semi-double, creamy-white, 2-inch-wide blossoms in summer.

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    ’Merrill’ Loebner magnolia

    Magnolia  × loebneri ’Merrill’

    This vigorous, erect tree grows from 20 to 30 feet tall and has star-shaped flowers with 15 broad white petals blushed with pink.