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    Magnolia kobus

    Magnolia kobus

    This deciduous tree grows to 40 feet tall and blooms in early spring with a profusion of white-tinged pink goblet to saucer-shaped blossoms that are 3 to 4 inches wide.

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    Rusty blackhaw viburnum

    Viburnum rufidulum

    While North American native viburnums occur most commonly in the eastern United States, rusty blackhaw viburnum flirts with the edge of the Plains.

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    Hypericum androsaemum 'Albury Purple'

    This is a bushy, deciduous shrub with upright branches.

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    Beach plum

    Prunus maritima

    A suckering deciduous shrub with a dense, rounded form, beach plum has dull green leaves that are pale green beneath.

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    Possumhaw holly

    Ilex decidua

    While the fresh green leaves and smooth, light gray stems are enough to make possumhaw holly an attractive shrub, the appeal of this plant is more evident in late fall.

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    ‘Charles Albanel’ Hedgehog rose

    Rosa 'Charles Albanel'

    This spreading rose grows to only 2 feet tall, making it an ideal groundcover for a steep bank or roadside.

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    Fatsia japonica

    Japanese fatsia has very large, hand-shaped glossy leaves that glow in the shade.

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    Scarlet firethorn

    Pyracantha coccinea 'Teton'

    Developed by the National Arboretum, 'Teton' pyracantha has a striking upright form, reaching 12 feet tall or more, and orange to golden yellow fruit.

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    ‘Vanity’ Hybrid musk rose

    Rosa 'Vanity'

    This rose produces brilliant hot pink blossoms at the tips of wide, arching branches.

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    Chestnut rose

    Rosa roxburghii f. normalis

    This species produces single medium pink blossoms with decorative indents at the tips of the petals.