Interesting Bark

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    ‘Snow Queen’ oakleaf hydrangea

    Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Snow Queen’

    This cultivar produces 8-inch-long, conical flower heads from early summer on.

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    Golden larch

    Pseudolarix kaempferi

    The golden larch is a lovely deciduous conifer whose lacy foliage turns golden in autumn.

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    Alder-leaved serviceberry

    Amelanchier alnifolia

    This multi-stemmed shrub or tree can reach almost 20 feet tall.

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    Carolina silverbell

    Halesia carolina

    Carolina silverbell is a handsome tree with clean green foliage and an upright spreading habit.

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    Montgomery palm

    Veitchia montgomeryana

    This tropical palm grows to 35 feet tall and has stiff, feathery-textured fronds.

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    Paperbark maple

    Acer griseum

    This slow-growing understory tree has highly ornamental, peeling orange-cinnamon bark.

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    Bald cypress

    Taxodium distichum and cvs.

    Its great beauty and variety of sizes and shapes makes this deciduous conifer a candidate for extensive use.

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    Maidenhair tree

    Ginkgo biloba

    One of the oldest tree species on the planet, ginkgo grows only about a foot a year, reaching 50 to 80 feet.

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    ‘Dorothy Wyckoff’ andromeda

    Pieris japonica ‘Dorothy Wyckoff’

    This compact, rounded shrub produces reddish-purple buds that first open as soft pink then mature to white.

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    ‘Elegantissima’ redtwig dogwood

    Cornus alba ‘Elegantissima’

    This vigorous deciduous shrub provides a long season of interest in the garden with its variegated leaves, attractive berries, pretty fall color, and red winter stems.