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Bald cypress

Taxodium distichum and cvs.

tax-OH-dee-um DISS-tih-kum

Its great beauty and variety of sizes and shapes makes this deciduous conifer a candidate for extensive use. Bald cypress is a tall, conical, almost columnar tree with pale brown, shallowly fissured bark. Its bright green needles become golden in the fall. The cultivar ‘Monarch of Illinois’ is shaped totally unlike the typical bald cypress, but shares its delicate foliage and warm-looking, ruddy bark. It has a large, rounded crown, like a maple. With an ultimate height of about 85 feet and spread to 65 feet, it is suited to large gardens. A smaller cultivar, ‘Shawnee Brave’, has a narrow, pyramidal growth habit, an ultimate height of 70 feet, and a span of up to 18 feet.

Noteworthy CharacteristicsIn wet sites, trees produce aerial roots called "knees." The cultural requirements are minimal, and the trees are resistant to disease and pests.

CareProvide moist to wet, preferably acidic soil, in full sun or partial shade.

ProblemsLeaf spot, bark beetle, and wood rot can occur.

  • Genus : Taxodium
  • Zones : 10, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • Plant Width : 15 to 30 feet
  • Plant Height : 30 feet or more
  • Light : Full Sun to Partial Shade
  • Characteristics : Interesting Bark, Showy Foliage
  • Moisture : Medium to Wet
  • Growth Rate : Moderate
  • Plant Seasonal Interest : Spring Interest
  • Plant Type : Trees

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