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    ‘Lavender Bounty’ Siberian iris

    Iris Siberica

    Gently ruffled lavender-pink flowers. Tall slender blades of foliage remain lovely all summer long.

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    Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris

    Iris Germanica

    Small stature. Rosy purple blossoms; radiating lines from lilac beards.

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    Arilbred iris

    Iris germanica

    Arilbred iris has a Mohr-type form. Red-brown falls, with yellow beards and greyed, sun-flecked standards. Yellow style arms add to the luster.

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    Dryopteris Erythrosora

    This coppery-red selection is bright and dramatic with leaves that mature to a dark green. A bold and beautiful choice for both wet or dry soils.

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    ‘Pink Double Dandy’ Peony

    Paeonia x 'Pink Double Dandy'

    Large, pink flowers on strong stems above dark-green foliage. Prefers full sun to dappled shade. Hybridized by leading Itoh Peony breeder Don Smith.

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    Yucca glauca

    This clumping evergreen shrub with narrow leaves produces a startling, 3- to 4-foot-tall flower stalk.

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    ‘Froufrou’ Daylily

    Hemerocallis 'Froufrou'

    'Froufrou' gets its name from its small, ruffled yellow petals.

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    Giant feather grass

    Stipa gigantea

    This semi-evergreen species makes a stately, stand-alone specimen with narrow, arching foliage and shimmering gold panicles that reach 8 feet tall.

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    ‘Nazareth’ paperwhite narcissus

    Narcissus ‘Nazareth’

    This tender paperwhite is well-suited to forcing, blooming 3 weeks after planting.

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    ‘Silver Scrolls’ heuchera

    Heuchera 'Silver Scrolls'

    Heucheras make excellent foliage plants for sun to part shade gardens.