6 to 12 inches

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    ‘Strawberry Fields’ gomphrena

    Gomphrena haageana ‘Strawberry Fields’

    An upright, bushy annual with flowers (actually bracts) that resemble bright red strawberries with tiny yellow "seeds.

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    Prairie smoke

    Geum triflorum

    Prairie smoke is one of the most distinctive and best loved prairie plants.

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    Common Foxglove

    Digitalis purpurea 'Pam's Choice'

    This is a biennial or short-lived perennial, which may last longer and rebloom if deadheaded.

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    Cardinal flower

    Lobelia cardinalis

    Cardinal flower has reddish purple stems and lance-shaped, often glossy, bright green leaves tinged with bronze.

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    ‘Weihenstephaner Gold’ sedum

    Sedum kamtschaticum ‘Weihenstephaner Gold’

    This low-growing sedum has dependable, dark bronzy green foliage and prolific flowering.

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    ‘Blue Panda’ corydalis

    Corydalis flexuosa ‘Blue Panda’

    The first of the coveted blue corydalises to be introduced, it produces fragrant clusters of long-spurred, azure flowers on a compact plant.

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    Evergreen wild ginger

    Asarum shuttleworthii

    This wild ginger is an evergreen groundcover with heart-shaped, shiny leaves that are often marbled.

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    Compact wall germander

    Teucrium chamaedrys var. compactum

    This compact, evergreen subshrub has glossy, dark green leaves and grows to only 5 inches tall and 16 inches wide.

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    Black mondo grass

    Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens'

    Black mondo grass has straplike, shiny black foliage and grows in little tufts.

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    Clematis integrifolia Mongolian Bells™

    Clematis integrifolia Mongolian Bells™

    Clematis integrifolia is no longer only blue.