6 to 12 inches

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    ‘Sun Mouse’ hosta

    Hosta ‘Sun Mouse’

    Hosta 'Sun Mouse' is a perfect gem to add to the miniature garden.

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    Prairie smoke

    Geum triflorum

    Prairie smoke is one of the most distinctive and best loved prairie plants.

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    ‘Sweet Dreams’ coreopsis

    Coreopsis rosea 'Sweet Dreams'

    The bicolored, white-tipped and raspberry-centered blooms are large (1 to 1.

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    ‘Pink Frost’ sweet potato vine

    Ipomoea batatas 'Pink Frost'

    This sweet potato vine is blessed with leaves that are edged in pink.

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    ‘Plumosum’ Grape hyacinth

    Muscari comosum 'Plumosum'

    Grape hyacinths are hardy, easy to grow, and have long-lasting blooms--no garden should be without them.

  • escargot
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    ‘Escargot’ begonia

    Begonia ‘Escargot’

    'Escargot' takes its name from the snail-like curl pattern at the base of the leaf.

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    Blue My Mind™ evolvus

    Evolvus Blue My Mind™

    Blue is hard to get one's hands on in the garden, but Blue My Mind™ evolvus fills the void!

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    Japanese spirea

    Spiraea japonica 'Alpina’

    This low-growing, clump-forming shrub has a spreading habit, reaching 10 inches tall.

  • Lily of the Valley
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    Lily of the Valley, May bells

    Convallaria majalis

    Lily of the valley's bell-shaped, sweetly scented flowers bloom in early spring.

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    Begonia ‘Green Gold’

    Begonia 'Green Gold'

    The leaves of 'Green Gold' are predominantly silver with deep green veining.