6 to 12 inches

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    ‘Sun Mouse’ hosta

    Hosta ‘Sun Mouse’

    Hosta 'Sun Mouse' is a perfect gem to add to the miniature garden.

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    Prairie smoke

    Geum triflorum

    Prairie smoke is one of the most distinctive and best loved prairie plants.

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    Chamaemelum nobile and cvs.

    A hardy perennial, chamomile has aromatic, threadlike leaves that fill the air with a pleasing apple-pineapple scent.

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    Fast Growing Hosta

    Hosta 'Little Aurora'

    A fast grower, 'Little Aurora' has cupped, puckered leaves and a metallic sheen, with soft-lavender flowers from late June into early July.

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    ‘Blue magic’ Grape hyacinth

    Muscari aucheri 'Blue magic'

    Grape hyacinths are hardy, easy to grow, and have long-lasting blooms--no garden should be without them.

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    Compact coral barberry

    Berberis × stenophylla 'Corallina Compacta'

    "Thorny but irresistible" best describes this low-maintenance, elfin barberry.

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    Helena’s Blush™ euphorbia

    Euphorbia Helena’s Blush™

    This hybrid has petite green-and-cream variegated foliage with a hint of pink on the undersides.

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    ‘Clouds of Perfume’ Blue phlox

    Phlox divaricata 'Clouds of Perfume'

    This is a very fragrant native woodland phlox with powder-blue flowers in spring.

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    ‘Pink Chablis’ spotted deadnettle

    Lamium maculatum 'Pink chablis'

    ‘Pink Chablis’ has pink flowers above silvery gray leaves edged with dark green.

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    ‘Fireworks’ begonia

    Begonia 'Fireworks’

    Like other Rex begonias, 'Fireworks' is noteworthy for the coloration of its foliage.