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    Mr. Bowling Ball® American arborvitae

    Thuja occidentalis 'Bobazam'

    This evergreen shrub with finely textured sage green foliage forms a perfect, 3-foot-diameter, slow-growing globe, hence its name, Mr.

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    False spirea

    Sorbaria sorbifolia

    If you like plants that stay in tidy, little assigned corners, this is not the plant for you.

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    ‘Elegantissima’ redtwig dogwood

    Cornus alba 'Elegantissima'

    This vigorous deciduous shrub provides a long season of interest in the garden with its variegated leaves, attractive berries, pretty fall color, and red winter stems.

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    ‘Polar Ice’ rugosa rose

    Rosa rugosa 'Polar Ice'

    'Polar Ice' is one of the most vigorous and densely growing rugosa roses and features clusters of double, slightly nodding flowers.

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    ‘Regent’ serviceberry

    Amelanchier alnifolia 'Regent'

    A compact shrub form of serviceberry, 'Regent' produces finely toothed, rounded leaves that are bluish on top and gray-green on the bottom.

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    ‘Wasagaming’ rugosa rose

    Rosa rugosa 'Wasagaming'

    'Wasagaming' (pronounced "wah-SAG-ah-ming") is a prolific bloomer that has the charm of the antique roses but with greater vigor and better growth habit.

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    Cardinal flower

    Lobelia cardinalis

    Cardinal flower has reddish purple stems and lance-shaped, often glossy, bright green leaves tinged with bronze.

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    ‘Agnes’ rugosa rose

    Rosa rugosa  'Agnes'

    'Agnes'  is one of the few yellow rugosa roses, and it epitomizes the finest rugosa attributes in both leaf and overall form.

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    ‘Purple Pavement’ rugosa rose

    Rosa rugosa 'Purple Pavement'

    'Purple Pavement' has large, ruffled blossoms with a purple-red color and strong fragrance.

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    American cranberry bush

    Viburnum trilobum

    This deciduous, rounded shrub grows to 15 feet tall with maple-like, lobed, dark green leaves that turn shades of red, yellow, and purple in autumn.