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Cotoneaster ‘Tom Thumb’

Cotoneaster 'Tom Thumb’

kah-TONE-ee-ass-ter Audio

This compact, low-growing, and self-rooting deciduous shrub is useful as an underplanting or ground cover. Its shiny dense foliage turns a brilliant red in the fall and requires little or no pruning.

Noteworthy CharacteristicsRelatively slow grower. Combines well with perennials.

CareThrives in full sun to partial shade, and no pests seem to bother it. Prefers dry soils but may be adaptable to heavy clay.

PropagationRoot greenwood cuttings in early summer.

ProblemsRust, powdery mildew, cankers, fire blight.

  • Genus : Cotoneaster
  • Plant Width : 3 to 6 feet
  • Zones : 5, 6, 7
  • Plant Height : 6 to 12 inches
  • Moisture : Dry
  • Bloom Time : Early Summer, Late Summer, Summer
  • Plant Seasonal Interest : Fall Interest
  • Light : Full Sun to Partial Shade
  • Uses : Ground Covers
  • Maintenance : Low
  • Characteristics : Showy Fall Foliage, Showy Foliage
  • Plant Type : Shrubs
  • Growth Rate : Slow

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