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‘Coffee Cups’ elephant’s ear

Colocasia esculenta 'Coffee Cups'

kol-oh-KAY-shah ess-kew-LEN-tah

‘Coffee Cups’ is an unusual and relatively recent introduction. It has nearly black stems and  cup-shaped leaves. ‘Coffee Cups’ is a vigorous grower, and, with a height of 6 feet, it’s a good choice for the back part of a border. -Andy Cabe, Regional Picks: Southeast, Fine Gardening issue #120

Noteworthy CharacteristicsBlack stems; cup-shaped foliage; quick growth.

CareProvide full sun and moist, organic soil.

PropagationDivide in winter or early spring.

ProblemsAphids, whiteflies, spider mites, soft rot, bacterial blight, corm and root rot, dasheen mosaic virus.

  • Genus : Colocasia
  • Zones : 10, 11, 8, 9
  • Plant Height : 3 to 6 feet
  • Plant Width : 3 to 6 feet
  • Plant Type : Bulbs
  • Uses : Containers
  • Growth Rate : Fast
  • Light : Full Sun
  • Maintenance : Low
  • Moisture : Medium Moisture
  • Characteristics : Showy Foliage
  • Plant Seasonal Interest : Summer Interest

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