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    Tips for Making the Best Compost

    The real superpower of compost is that it gives life to soil. Compost is made from material that is digested by organisms and microbes that occur naturally in native soil.…

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    Tomato Pruning Made Simple

    I hate pruning my tomatoes. Like a lot of folks, I don’t have the time (or patience) to prune tomatoes the way they are supposed to be pruned. Cutting out…

  • How-To

    4 Ways for Staking Tomatoes

    Nothing tastes quite as good as a homegrown tomato. But there’s nothing quite as frustrating as having the rambling, fast-growing plants taking over a corner of the garden, flopping on…

  • How-To

    Build an Affordable Grow Light System

    Starting seeds indoors is a great way to fill beds affordably and get a jump-start on the growing season. Seed suppliers offer an almost limitless number of flower and vegetable…

  • Design

    Meet Your Fine Gardening Regional Reporters – Part 2

    Our readers have been asking for more regionally focused gardening content for decades, but the logistics and pressures of keeping our national magazine as applicable to as many readers as…

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    Tomato Tips, Tricks, and Myths Webinar

    It’s no secret that the tomato is a favorite summertime staple. Year after year, countless gardeners rely on this formidable and versatile fruit to mark the arrival of spring and…

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    5 Vegetable Garden Tasks to Do in Fall for a Happier Spring

    As the growing season winds down, are you tempted to “throw in the trowel” and leave your vegetable garden cleanup until next spring? In the October 2020 issue of Fine…

  • How-To

    Building A Raised Bed, Part I

    This video goes over the advantages raised beds offer, as well as what you will need to build one.

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    Episode 61: What We’re Starting From Seed

    It’s been a long winter and a less-than-stellar start to spring, so naturally we went a little overboard on the seed starting this year. While Steve purchased and started mostly…

  • How-To

    15 Tips to Make Seed Starting Easier

    Starting seeds is an easy and affordable way to get more plants, but getting them off to a good start can be tricky if you've never done it before. When…