Meet Your Fine Gardening Regional Reporters – Part 2

map of North American gardening regions

Our readers have been asking for more regionally focused gardening content for decades, but the logistics and pressures of keeping our national magazine as applicable to as many readers as possible have long kept us from providing as much regional content as we’ve wanted to for our subscribers. That all changed in 2019 when we launched Fine Gardening All Access. We worked to find expert reporters for twelve key regions around North America who could provide up-to-date and relevant information for their area and share it every month online. We are so excited to partner with these authors to bring you the best regional plant recommendations, design ideas, and technique tutorials for your garden when you need them. Not an All Access member? Sign up here to get all of the information you need to build the garden of your dreams.

Note: Six of our regional reporters are featured below, and we’re working to get introductory videos from the rest over the next several weeks. View everything about your region by visiting the My Region page.


Northern Plains Regional Reporter: Chris Schlenker

Chris Schlenker is the horticulture and grounds manager of McCrory Gardens, a 70-acre botanical garden located on the campus of South Dakota State University in Brookings, South Dakota. While pursuing his degree in landscape architecture from SDSU, Chris joined the student summer staff at McCrory Gardens and fell in love with the gardens and the appeal of public horticulture. See Chris’s articles.


Southeast Regional Reporter: Dr. Andy Pulte

Andy grew up in the nursery industry in Grand Island, Nebraska. He received his Ph.D. in plant sciences from the University of Tennessee, where he is now on the faculty in the same department. His current responsibilities include teaching and advising, and he also coordinates UT’s plant sciences undergraduate program. See Andy’s articles.


Southwestern Regional Reporter: Sheila Schultz

Sheila is a lifetime gardener and an award-winning container-garden designer with a passion for all things quirky. Sheila’s approach and style sets her apart from the rest. See Sheila’s articles.


Southern Regional Reporter: Jason Powell

Jason and Shelley Powell own and manage Petals from the Past, a garden center in Jemison, Alabama. See Jason’s articles.


Northwest Regional Reporter: Susan Calhoun

Susan’s horticulture career started with her staring out the window of her office as an accountant trying to figure out a way to work outside. After going through a job-retraining program to study horticulture, she begged an amazing plantsman, Junkoh Hararui, to hire her as a designer. After turning her down four times, he finally said yes if only to shut her up. She worked at Bainbridge Gardens Nursery for a year and then began working on her own. See Susan’s articles.


Northern California Regional Reporter: Fionuala Campion

Fionuala has loved the outdoors her whole life, with her passion for gardening having begun in the childhood gardens of her native Ireland. She moved to California over 30 years ago and is now the owner/manager of Cottage Gardens of Petaluma, a specialty nursery in NorCal. See Fionuala’s articles.

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