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    Building a Raised Bed, Part I

    This video goes over the advantages raised beds offer, as well as what you will need to build one.

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    Episode 61: What We’re Starting From Seed

    It’s been a long winter and a less-than-stellar start to spring, so naturally we went a little overboard on the seed starting this year. While Steve purchased and started mostly…

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    15 Tips to Make Seed Starting Easier

    Starting seeds is an easy and affordable way to get more plants, but getting them off to a good start can be tricky if you've never done it before. When…

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    Grow Your Own Salad Mix | Video

    In issue #186 of Fine Gardening, assistant editor Carol Collins shows how to create your own custom salad mix. Growing greens isn't hard. Most varieties germinate easily, mature quickly, and don't…

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    How to Make a Moisturizing Herbal Balm

    After the long gardening season begins to come to a close, and the cool season begins to set in, many a gardener may look down to find that their hands…

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    More on Fermenting Chiles

    My last post I showed you how to ferment chile peppers. This brief video shows a few more fermentation lids, how to tell when chiles are ready and how to…

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    Fermenting Chile Peppers

    It is the chile harvest season and time to put up the bounty! fermenting hot peppers is a great alternative to pickling and canning--offering great flavor, more vitamins and minerals…

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    Easy, Organic Apples Are in the Bag

    Fresh apples in autumn are a real treat, especially if they're organic. However, with so many pests and diseases that can negatively affect your apple trees, it can be hard…

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    How to Prune a Crabapple Tree

      Steve Aitken visits Joann Vieira from Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, Massachusetts, who explains how these spring-blooming trees are pruned. Learn how to prune a crabapple tree with…

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    How to Start a Vegetable Garden: Building Raised Beds

    So you're wondering how to start a vegetable or kitchen garden? Not to worry. Our seven-video series How to Start a Vegetable Garden will help you get your first veggie…