5 Vegetable Garden Tasks to Do in Fall for a Happier Spring

Video: Nancy Ondra. Editing: Cari Delahanty

As the growing season winds down, are you tempted to “throw in the trowel” and leave your vegetable garden cleanup until next spring? In the October 2020 issue of Fine Gardening magazine, Nancy Ondra, a trained horticulturist with years of gardening experience, describes the advantages of taking care of a few key tasks before winter sets in. Here are a few of her tips to get you started:

  • Gather tomato cages, plant supports, and hoses. Clean them up, and store them in a sheltered spot.
  • Organize storage areas, using racks or well-placed nails to get items up off the floor
  • Keep weeding, giving priority to larger plants that are going to seed.
  • Clean up garden debris, especially if plants have had disease or pest problems.
  • Start some cover crops. You will be amazed how much better your soil will look next spring!

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  1. Kasey00 10/04/2020

    Organize storage areas, using vidmate racks or well-placed nails to get items up off the floor

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  3. TreeServiceArmadale 03/10/2022

    These are very handy tips and fellow gardeners should be taking notes as this can save a whole lot of time and effort for Spring. We often tell our Tree Service customers these exact point and that maintenance can prevent damages and fallen trees in there garden.

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