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Tiarella 'Neon Lights'

Plants in the genus Tiarella are at home in moist woodland environments of North America and East Asia. In the garden they make wonderful carpets of intricate leaves in a variety of shapes and with distinct markings. For a long period from spring into summer, the profusion of flowers can be appreciated up close or from a distance. Generally, running forms have smaller flowers than the semi-runners, and clumping forms have the showiest flowers. 

Noteworthy CharacteristicsShort spikes of airy, star-shaped flowers form a foamy haze over the attractive, low-growing foliage. Grow it as a groundcover or edger in a shady border or woodland garden. They are a great foil to early spring bulbs.

CarePrefers cool, moist soil but will tolerate a variety of soils. Grow in partial to full shade.

PropagationSow seed as soon as ripe or in a cold frame in the spring; divide in spring.

ProblemsRust, powdery mildew, slugs, weevils.

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