Phlomis russeliana

The genus Phlomis is comprised of 100 or so species of perennials and shrubs grown for their often grayish green, hairy leaves and their whorls of yellow, white, or lilac flowers. Their tall stature and interesting blooms make them great additions to borders. Small species are useful in rock gardens.

Noteworthy CharacteristicsWhorls of tubular flowers on tall stems. Drought tolerant.

CareGrow in full sun and most any fertile, well-drained soil. Do not overwater. The leaves should dry out quickly after a rain, so plant in an open site.

PropagationStart seeds indoors in spring at 55° to 64°F. Perennials can be divided in spring or fall, and shrubs can be started from cuttings in summer.

ProblemsGenerally trouble-free, but watch for leafhoppers.

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