This large genus contains about 250 species of annuals, perennials, and evergreen shrubs. They are grown for their white or colorful flowers in the shape of trumpets or funnels. Use them in a rock garden, as groundcover, on a trellis, or in a border.

Noteworthy CharacteristicsFunnel-shaped or trumpet-shaped flowers. Some species are very invasive.

CareColvolvulus needs a sheltered site in full sun with gritty, well-drained soil of poor to moderate fertility. Species with running roots are very invasive.

PropagationSow annuals outdoors in mid-spring, and perennials and shrubs indoors in spring at 55° to 64°F. Perennials may be divided in spring. Can also be propagated from softwood cuttings in late spring or greenwood cuttings in summer.  

ProblemsWatch for rust, Septoria leaf spot, spider mites, and aphids when grown indoors.

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