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Aeonium tabuliforme

This genus is comprised of evergreen perennials, biennial succulents, and subshrubs with fleshy, tidy, rosette leaves. Flowers appear in spring to summer. The plants are grown in temperate greenhouses, in borders, or as house plants. 

Noteworthy CharacteristicsFound on hillsides in Madeira, the Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, North Africa, and the Mediterranean. A variety of architectural rosette forms and foliage colors are represented.

CareOutdoors, grow in moderately fertile well-drained soil in partial shade. They actively grow in winter in warmer areas. Keep dry when dormant.

PropagationSow seed in spring. Wait until cuttings taken in early summer are calloused, then pot in a sandy cactus mix and keep barely moist.

ProblemsAphids when flowering; mealybugs in autumn and winter.

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