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Cold stratifying seeds

CAlexander | Posted in Northeast Gardening on

Hi there,

I ordered some seeds that just came without realizing that they required cold stratification. I know I can put them in the refrigerator (freezer?) now but would I still be able to plant them this year? The species in question are sea holly!



  1. User avater Moderator
    Chloe_Moderator | | #1

    Hi Christine, from what I see online, sea holly has better germination with a month of stratification, but not absolutely necessary? I'd go for it, trying both methods by putting half the seed in the fridge and the other half under lights, if you can. I'd grow them on in pots over summer and plant in fall.

  2. User avater
    CAlexander | | #2

    Oh ok! Thanks Chloe! I will try that... Good idea to split them up.

    The ones that go in the fridge - I should plant in pots after they come out or straight into the ground?

    1. User avater Moderator
      Chloe_Moderator | | #3

      I'd pot them up and grow them on over the summer. Let us know how it goes!

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