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Black walnut husks in my compost – how bad are they really?

user-7961876 | Posted in Northeast Gardening on

So here’s the situation… this fall, some very industrious red squirrels stashed an overwhelming number of black walnuts with their green (and rotting) husks in my compost.  Some of my yard is under the black walnut, but most of the gardens are presumably juglone-free.  How worried would you be about using the compost in the gardens? Thanks!


  1. User avater Moderator
    Chloe_Moderator | | #1

    I wouldn't worry much about the husks, though I might give them extra time to decompose. It seems the actively growing roots are the main source of juglone and the effect of well composted husks should be minimal. Here's some info about composting leaves. I think the same should apply to husks.

    1. user-7961876 | | #2

      Thank you so much!

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