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Pruning Tools and Techniques

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Get your pruners ready for a busy month! Photo: Jason Jorgensen

Pruning is a technique that you’ll be perfecting all your life. This collection will introduce you to some new pruning techniques as well as help you understand some of the science and principles behind pruning. These are lessons you can take into your everyday life as you do chores in your garden. Below, articles and videos show you where to cut (“Where to Make Your Pruning Cuts”) and when to make those cuts (“When Not to Prune”). We also cover some specific techniques such as root pruning, Shigo pruning, and pinching stem tips for increased branching. Finally, pruning terms are defined for those who are not as confident with terminology, the science of pruning is explained to bolster your understanding of the technique, and Fine Gardening readers share a few of the pruning tips they’ve discovered over the years.

This collection also covers pruning tools. Articles cover tools you should have as well as how to clean those tools properly. Just as drivers change the oil in their cars to keep them running smoothly, gardeners should regularly clean, sharpen, and oil their pruning tools. This greatly improves how well the tools work and improves their overall lifespan. It provides cleaner, sharper cuts that are more likely to heal well, and it also gives you a chance to note if any parts need to be replaced. We show you how to clean, oil, and sharpen a variety of tools in “Clean, Sharp Tools Work Better.” A more narrowly focused article and video show you how to sharpen your pruners specifically. 

The next time you grab your newly cleaned tools for a day of pruning in the garden, you’ll have a greater understanding of what you’re doing and why. A better prepared and confident gardener means cleaner, better cuts and stronger plant structure and performance for years to come. 


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