Diana Koehm

Diana Koehm is the assistant editor at Fine Gardening magazine.

  • Sea loving plants

    Planting Plan of A Seaside Garden that Sustains Punishing Conditions

    Susan Burke’s home and garden on the Nantucket shoreline off the coast of Massachusetts were designed from scratch when she and her late husband first purchased the property. Featuring tall…

  • beautiful and tough garden Nantucket

    A Seaside Garden Designed to Withstand Punishing Conditions

    When Susan and Coleman Burke purchased land overlooking the bay on the Massachusetts island of Nantucket several decades ago, they were able to build their house and seaside garden from…

  • Design

    Great Native Plants for Western Gardens

    In his article Weaving Vignettes Together, horticulturalist Dan Johnson gives us a look into his home garden in Denver, where he uses repeated plant groupings and consistent hardscaping to unify…

  • How-To

    How to Make Birdhouses Out of Gourds

    Birdhouses are a great way to support birds, but did you know you can make a birdhouse from an autumn gourd? It’s simple and easy. Supplies needed A large gourd…

  • fall garden combinations

    Tour a Stunning New England Garden That Peaks in Fall

    Fall is a magical time in Bruce Lockhart’s garden in Petersham, Massachusetts. Bruce’s garden is actually a collection of smaller themed gardens, including a shaded woodland area, a meadow garden,…

  • new veggie garden tools

    New Veggie Garden Tools for 2023

    With these transplant tongs, you’ll never damage your seedlings again How many times have you tried to ease your seedlings out of their tray only to shear off some of…

  • flower-filled garden

    Tour a New England Garden Packed With Dense Color

    Matt Mattus and his partner, Joe, live in a three-generation family home in a suburban area of Worcester, Massachusetts, along with their three dogs. Over the years, Matt has transformed…

  • Tradescantias

    How to Grow Tradescantias—Tough Houseplants With Beautiful Foliage

    Tradescantias (Tradescantia spp. and cvs., Zones 4–12) are easy-care houseplants with cascading, colorful foliage. Apart from the ubiquitous zebra tradescantia (T. zebrina, Zones 8–12), which is beloved for its purple-and-silver…

  • how to divide perennials

    Dividing Perennials Step-by-Step

    Dividing perennials is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get more plants. Many perennials can be divided, but how and when should you do it? Here are three…

  • best peonies

    The Best Yellow, White, and Pink Peonies

    Peonies are among people’s favorite late spring plants for a reason. Their textured, lobed foliage and large size make them stand out even without flowers. But when in bloom, there’s…