Guide to Giving Mom Plants

There’s one thing a mom or grandma who likes to garden always wants on Mother’s Day – MORE plants.


Fine Gardening put together this guide to giving plants for Mother’s Day. Below, you’ll find beautiful varieties any mother would be happy to receive this year.

Be wary of zones, however. You can check what zone your loved one lives in by going to the USDA Hardiness Zone site. Then check the plant information by clicking below to make sure the plant will survive in that locale. If not, you may still be able to gift it, but you’ll have to help Mom bring it inside or protect it over the winter.


There are many garden centers out there, but not all of them carry what we have on this list. These are good online sources for purchasing if you’re having trouble finding what you want locally. Don’t wait too long, however, as Mother’s Day will come quick!

Proven Winners

Bluestone Perennials

Naturehills Nursery

White Flower Farm 


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Plant Picks for Mother’s Day

 Click on the plants below to learn more about growing and maintenance!


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    ‘Limelight’ panicle hydrangea

    The 'Limelight' is a favorite among hydrangea lovers. It's pretty, fragile flowers grow in an football-sized cone, making for an impressive display. The 'Limelight's flowers change color with the season, moving through white and chartreuse to pink and burgundy.
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    'Autumn Joy' sedum

    This pretty sedum is a wonderful choice for durability and a pop of color. The blooms of 'Autumn Joy' change from a pink to a stunning copper in fall. It also attracts butterflies, making it a pollinator-friendly choice.
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    English lavender

    Classic English lavender is a wonderful gift for Mom. Its tall, stemmed purple flowers are very recognizable, and its scent is divine. Lavender likes the sun, so if Mom has a spot that could use a pretty plant that can also take heat, lavender is a good choice.
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    ‘Duchesse de Brabant’ tea rose

    A delightful tea rose is a wonderful gift for Mom, and the 'Duchesse de Brabant' is a captivating variety because it's pretty, fragrant, and pink! This antique rose variety can easily be grown in containers or in the ground in Zones 7-9.
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    Iris ‘Rip City’

    If your mother loves unique flowers, then a bearded iris may be just the ticket, and 'Rip City' is a wonderful variety. Its impressive magenta-red color will wow from summer through early fall. A nice thing about 'Rip City' iris, too, is that it tends to be more cold hardy and is happy in Zones 3 to 8.
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    'Cardinal de Richelieu' rose

    Speaking of antique roses, 'Cardinal de Richelieu' definitely deserves a mention. The deep purple flowers of this rose, which sometimes veer towards red, are incredibly fragrant and striking to behold. A wonderful cutting flower, 'Cardinal de Richelieu' would be happy if Mom's garden is in Zones 3 to 8.
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    Canna ‘Madame Paul Caseneuve’

    This lovely canna would be a wonderful plant to give in a container, unless Mom lives in Zone 8 to 11. Its dusky pink flowers bloom repeatedly in summer and attract hummingbirds. It's also easier to care for than other cannas, which may come into play if Mom's still developing her green thumb.
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    'Miss Lucy' lily

    'Miss Lucy' would be a wonderful pick for plant collectors. It was the first double flowering oriental lily, making it a historically important lily variety. Delicate white flowers with pink tinted edges begin blooming in the heat of summer. The deer and rabbits love them, however, so tell Mom to protect it from pests.
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    'Pink Double Dandy' peony

    This plant list wouldn't be complete without at least one peony. The alluring 'Pink Double Dandy' is a lovely Itoh peony, whose sumptuous, fragrant flowers grow on strong stems, helping to keep the flowers upright. It's a perennial, also, and will bring Mom joy every year when it blooms.