Indoor Plants

  • close up of rattlesnake calathea

    GPOD on the Road: Hershey Gardens, Part 2

    Happy Friday, GPODers! We're wrapping up this week with some bonus pictures from my trip last year to Hershey Gardens. After checking out the endless rose varieties and meandering through…

  • Design

    Cacti and Succulent Gardening in Connecticut

    Hey GPODers! A new editor is at the helm of Garden Photo of the Day, and I want to take the opportunity to (sort of) formally introduce myself. My name…

  • Design

    Episode 158: Plants That Earn Their Keep (with Irvin Etienne)

    Irvin Etienne is the curator of herbaceous plants and seasonal garden design at Newfields, a 152-acre campus in Indianapolis with art galleries, performance spaces, world-class public gardens, and a nature…

  • various houseplants climbing up and trailing down a pillar

    El’s Dream Indoor Garden

    My name is El, and I have always been surrounded by plants. My original interest in succulents and the fun in propagating them led me to creating my dream indoor…

  • close up of trailing succulent with pink-tipped leaves

    Ebony’s Favorite Succulents

    I’m Ebony, and I’m from southwestern Louisiana. I’ve been growing succulents for nearly six years, and it’s been such a great hobby for me. I’m a wife, mom, and pharmacist,…

  • succulents that grow on a windowsill

    Vibrant Succulents to Brighten Your Indoor Space

    Succulents thrive in arid, often harsh climates, with abundant bright sunshine year-round and little to no regular water. They have adapted to such conditions by developing thick, fleshy leaves and…

  • How to Handle Common Houseplant Pests

    How to Handle Common Houseplant Pests

    Outdoors, pest populations are kept in check by rain and diseases and by birds, beneficial insects, and other predators; indoors, however, plant pests can proliferate very quickly with nothing to…

  • growing peace lily

    Growing Peace Lilies: Care and Unique Cultivars

    Peace lilies (Spathiphyllum spp. and cvs., Zones 11–12) are evergreen perennials native to much of Central America and Southeast Asia. But their glossy leaves and tan, spiky flowers surrounded by…

  • growing aloe vera

    Growing Aloe Vera in Southern California

    Aloe vera (Aloe vera syn. Aloe barbadensis, Zones 10–11) is only one of many species in the Aloe genus. It is likely native to parts of North Africa where conditions…

  • Angel Wings sea cabbage

    A Versatile Silver Plant That Is a Unique Alternative to Dusty Miller

    I finally made the trek last spring to search for annuals at a small, out-of-the-way greenhouse in upstate New York that I had heard about for years but had never…