Peter Garnham

  • How-To

    Get Serious About Compost: How to Make More, Better, Faster

    Compost is not fertilizer. The sooner a gardener embraces this reality, the better. But gardener’s gold does have an undeniable importance in the garden: to feed the billions of critters…

  • Article

    What’s Wrong With My Veggies?

    It never fails. Each year, I’ll be working on the East End Community Organic Farm on Long Island, and a gardener will call out to me from a nearby plot.…

  • Design

    Extending the Salad Season

    Use cold-tolerant varieties and row covers to have fresh  greens for most—if not all—of the winter

  • Article

    Taming Sprawling Veggies

    Cucumbers, winter and summer squash, and melons are infamous for sprawling beyond their allotted space. Attempts to contain the relentless growth of the Cucurbitaceae family by simply moving growing tips…