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  • clematis hexapetala
    Midwest Regional Reports

    Try These Strong Summer Bloomers for the Midwest this Spring

    Most gardeners would agree that the best pastime for cold winter days is looking through seed and plant catalogs imagining the growing season to come. With that in mind, consider…

  • plant combinations in the wild

    Tips for Building Plant Communities

    Understanding plants and their relationships to each other makes for a more formidable approach to gardening. Traditional gardening has often viewed plants as components of a composition without acknowledging compatibility…

  • native support plants

    Native Plants That Make Great Supporting Players

    Ecological generalists—plants with broad tolerances to where they root—power the planet. Many of these species lurk in the shadows of traditional gardens or sulk in obscurity on the garden floor.…

  • ecological gardening

    How to Create an Ecologically Vibrant Garden

    Naturalistic garden design catches all the headlines, but until recently it seemed removed from the reality of most home gardeners. Yet no matter how your garden grows today, it can…

  • Purple-Stemmed Aster
    Midwest Regional Reports

    4 Must-Have Plants for the Midwest

    As garden centers start to open their doors for the season (and we get ready to run into them with open arms), we decided to ask some regional experts what…

  • Softleaf Arrowwood Viburnum
    Midwest Regional Reports

    Regional Picks: Shrubs for Shade – Midwest

    Shade in the garden might seem like a limitation, but the seasoned gardener knows this is just an opportunity to utilize plants that would wilt in a sunny spot. As…

  • How-To

    Dividing Irises

    I know many gardeners have a strong aversion to division. But as a gardening mentor of mine used to say, if it’s all right to remodel the house, it’s all…