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Yvonne’s Woodland and Japanese-Inspired Gardens

New garden spaces beginning to fill in

garden path made of sliced logs

We visited Yvonne’s new Virginia garden (Yvonne’s New Garden in Virginia) on the GPOD before, and today she’s sharing more.

I’m sending two sets of pictures—one for the woodland walk and the second for the Japanese-inspired garden. I’m especially proud of these sections, as I designed and planted them myself (with the exception of the trees and largest shrubs). The “woodland” when we moved in five years ago consisted of several black walnut trees, two native black cherries, two native persimmons, tons of invasive bamboo, poison ivy, bramble, weeds, and wild onions. We cleared out most of the nontree scrub and planted seven new trees.

garden before landscapingIn this “before” picture, you can see the landscape tarp we put down for 18 months afterward to try and suppress the wild onions. We then planted more understory trees, and over the next three years planted several shrubs and perennials. I’ve put in quite a few ground covers to outgrow the weeds and remaining wild onions.

stone paths through a woodland gardenStone and wood slice walkways provide an easy path through the woodland. Evergreen conifers and shrubs provide structure and boundary hedging.

small water fountain surrounded by foliage plantsI focus on interesting color and variegation in foliage.

garden path made of sliced logsSliced logs make a beautiful pathway though the woods.

partial shade gardenUntil the shade trees mature, it continues to be sunny in some parts of the woodland, allowing plants more typically associated with full-sun locations to thrive.

woodland garden with path winding throughThe woodland garden is beginning to fill in and look beautiful.

garden bed before plantingsA “before” picture of the Japanese-inspired garden

wide view of japanese-inspired gardenMany of the plants in the Japanese-inspired garden are from Asia, as is, of course, this Japanese maple (Acer palmatum, Zones 5–9).

waterfall in the gardenA small waterfall winds through the black walnut trees.

bright green ornamental grass next to light purple flowersIris cristata (Zones 3–9), a native species, grows with variegated Japanese forest grass (Hakonechloa macra, Zones 5–9).

If you want to see more from Yvonne’s beautiful garden, check out her instagram: @rosemama20


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  1. User avater
    treasuresmom 06/14/2022

    Oh, my, how very lovely!

    1. fromvirginia 06/14/2022

      Thank you! It’s been fun.

  2. gardendevas 06/14/2022

    Wow! It’s apparent you are thoroughly enjoying developing these beautiful gardens! Lovely forms, textures and bold color throughout.

    1. fromvirginia 06/14/2022

      Thank you.

  3. rosys_villa 06/14/2022

    This is so beautiful! I love your pretty pathways into the woods! I think woodlands are my favorite landscaping element!

    1. fromvirginia 06/14/2022

      Thank you. I love introducing different types of pathways into the landscape.

  4. user-6861263 06/14/2022

    Wow- I love all the layers and added hard-scraping. It is so very well planned and executed. I just love it- you really had a vision!

    1. fromvirginia 06/14/2022

      Thank you. Planning has been an evolution for me..starting with the vision first, as opposed to planting one of everything:)

  5. user-783091 06/14/2022

    Just beautiful! Great job. Now sit back and enjoy it!

    1. fromvirginia 06/14/2022

      Thanks and will try!

  6. User avater
    simplesue 06/14/2022

    Your garden is fabulous, it's an amazing accomplishment!!! I wish everyone would turn their land into a garden like you have- the world would be so much prettier to live in!
    I would so enjoy walking through all these paths and themes you've created in your garden- WOW!

    1. fromvirginia 06/14/2022

      Thanks so much.

  7. sheila_schultz 06/14/2022

    I am in awe of the beauty you have created on your property. The different textures of the pathways are sheer perfection. I just want to touch the circles of the wood slice path, it is mesmerizing and calls out to be followed. Each plant belongs to its space. Bravo! Definitely a job well done.

    1. fromvirginia 06/14/2022

      Thanks so much Sheila. Hard to believe it’s been so many years since we met up at the Pacific Northwest Garden show in Seattle with Cherry, Jeanne, Michelle and others. Hope you and your daughter are well. Yvonne

      1. sheila_schultz 06/15/2022

        That was a fabulous get together, wasn't it? I smile every time I think about all the laughs and friendship we shared. Enjoy the beautiful fruits of your labor, my gardening friend. Your gardens truly are splendid.

  8. JohnsonofMillCreek 06/14/2022

    You've created a beautiful garden. Thank you for sharing. As a Pacific NW native, I especially love both the Japanese Maples and the woodland garden. We get lots of shade and rain here for woodland gardens to thrive. Congratulations on your accomplishments! Happy gardening ahead!

    1. fromvirginia 06/14/2022

      Thank you so much. You have perfect gardening weather in the Pacific NW for sure.

  9. jos29803 06/14/2022

    A serene and peaceful beauty. You should be proud and pleased with your accomplishment.

    1. fromvirginia 06/14/2022

      Thank you.

  10. btucker9675 06/14/2022

    Stunning... every part. That waterfall is perfection! You have an artist's eye.

    1. fromvirginia 06/14/2022

      Thank you for all the kind comments. I really appreciate them. I do spend a lot of time thinking about structure in the garden and plant combinations that pop. I’ve also moved a ton of stuff because they didn’t work where originally planted. So it’s an ongoing work in progress.

  11. User avater
    user-7007816 06/18/2022

    What an amazing transformation! The plantings are beautiful and all seem to contribute to a peacefulness. Thank-you for sharing.

    1. fromvirginia 06/23/2022

      Thank you!

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