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What’s going on in this picture?

Not sure what’s going on in this photo.
Photo/Illustration: Not sure.
Not sure what’s going on in this photo.
Photo/Illustration: Not sure.

One uneventful Wednesday I received an anonymous interoffice envelope filled with various photos involving the Fine Gardening brand.  Most were non-descript and uninteresting, but this one caught my eye.

Its photographic genius was just too good to keep to myself, so I hung it up on the wall outside of my cubicle.

This photo has received more attention and second glances than my Gilligan costume on Halloween.

Frequently people stop, stare at the picture, and then ask me, “What the heck is going on here?”  Other times I see out of the corner of my eye that someone has stopped, spent a good time looking at the picture, and then chose to walk on, not saying a word.  What they’re thinking as they leave my area, I’ll never know.

I think the picture is eye catching and noteworthy, although I’m not too sure what it makes people think about me, the proud displayer.

I have my theories about what’s going on in this photo but I’m keeping them to myself.

Now it’s your turn. Tell us, what do you think is the story behind this photo?  Be honest, be creative, or be outlandish.  We can’t wait to hear your take on this work of art.

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  1. angelap789 03/24/2009

    Hey, I saw those hydrangea-filled urinals (and photographed them) at the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show at the Cow Palace! While I think the intention was to discourage women from using the urinals, the overall effect was lovely. Though I would have used peonies. Get it? Pee-on-ies?

  2. illbebaking 03/24/2009

    When I was in college my dorm was converted from a men's dorm to co-ed, so the womens bathrooms had urinals in them. It was not uncommon for the girls to put plants in the urinals to make them a little more attractive. It also made it really easy to water flushing, of course.

  3. jessica_fg 03/24/2009

    I think that is probably the truth but I was hoping to see some creative suggestions.

  4. Nat_Huck 03/24/2009

    Promotion for urinal cakes? "Makes them smell fresh as a daisy!" Er... Hydrangea?

  5. Kate_Frank 03/25/2009

    I can only speak for myself, but it doesn't take cut flowers to discourage me from using a urinal.

  6. user-7006866 03/25/2009

    This must be one of those new-fangled self-watering devices. Perfect for keeping the plants alive while on vacation...

  7. elainegood 04/03/2009

    When a conference center has a convention that attracts mostly women, they often convert most of the men's bathrooms to women's. It's fairly common to 'dress' those facilities up a bit by adding the flowers/plants to the part of the room that women aren't accustomed to; no sudden panic that you walked into the wrong restroom by mistake....

  8. CherylSue 04/03/2009

    I think some poor old gardener thought it was a way to give the hydrangi (is that the plural?) more acid! EWEWWW! But no more sick than putting them in there in the first place!

  9. CFried 04/04/2009

    It looks to me like someone found a nice(?) cool spot to store and water the 'contestants', or are these going back to the dining room as center pieces?! Hmmm...

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