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Picture Perfect Autumn

John Markowski's New Jersey garden (zone 6b) is the perfect picture of autumn! 

"We are just about at autumn peak right now. On a side note, there is a proposed 3ft in diameter pipeline proposed to come directly through my backyard within the next year or so and we are in the fight of our life to try and fight it. Because of that the garden is in jeopardy so I'm doing my best to enjoy the heck out of it this fall. My blog has all the details as it has supplanted gardening as my new hobby (ha)."

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  1. michaeljgoltzman 10/28/2015

    Gorgeous. Really nicely done. A corner of peace.

  2. tree_ee 10/28/2015

    What lovely views. Wishing you well in your fight against the pipeline . . . hope you manage to stop it.

  3. diane_lasauce 10/28/2015

    Quite stunning, but what a huge job to manage all those grasses. Most grasses turned out to be unmanageable for me, as I don't run a chain saw. Good luck with the pipeline threat. Nelson County, VA is also fighting a gas pipeline, slated to run rampant. Dominion Power is a powerful force, and is suing any resident resisting the process.

    1. User avater
      meander_michaele 10/28/2015

      Diane, I have to admit that I have transitioned away from some of the miscanthus varieties as much as I love them and replaced them with different kinds of switch grasses. The switch grasses are much easier to cut down in the spring...scissors or an old fashioned shear do the trick fairly easily. Their stalks and leaves don't seem as intimidating for one person to handle alone.

      1. diane_lasauce 10/28/2015

        I will stick to the Muhly and be happy. I do get a workout when I cinch them up and cut them off with a hand saw! The ageing gardener requires simple or a trust fund!

  4. Vespasian 10/28/2015

    Just perfect, love all the grasses, I have many myself and they are so beautiful and easy. Thank you for the lovely pictures.

  5. User avater
    meander_michaele 10/28/2015

    John, without a doubt, your commitment to ornamental grasses have given your property a magical quality that is at its peak this time of year. When I think of even one blade of them being destroyed by a private, for profit pipeline, I feel a defiant stance take over me and my inner child shouts, "No, no, not by the hair on my chinny chin chin." I know it is argued that we all benefit from progress but I also know that if it was my garden that was under assault, I couldn't accept it without a fight. Good luck!

  6. User avater
    HelloFromMD 10/28/2015

    Hey John, what's the story on the tree you planted that we can see on the shot that includes the deck. It must be special as you already have a background of trees for your beautiful grasses. Great fall color. If you have to do another type of gardening after a move, what would it be? A shady retreat? A pond? A rock garden?

  7. Chris_N 10/28/2015

    Beautiful as always, John. Good luck with the pipeline.

  8. Chris_N 10/28/2015

    John has shared his garden with us many times on GPoD. Paste his name in the search box at the top of the page to see his earlier photos. Also check out his blog (link in his introduction) to see even more photos.

  9. greengenes 10/28/2015

    It is for sure, the middle of fall! The colors here are beautiful and varied. I am so sorry to hear of this ordeal with the pipeline, though. What a battle! Thanks for sharing your beautiful grasses with us!

  10. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 10/28/2015

    Always a treat to see your garden, ONG. Autumn perfection. Wish I had time to keep up with every blog. So devastated to hear about your battle to keep your home and garden and yard. Best of luck on the fight and for finding a solution that is a good idea from the start!

  11. annek 10/28/2015

    Whew, those grasses are elegant and graceful. Their height and flowing nature of the seedheads on their stems are mesmerizing. Wish I could sign a petition to keep your garden intact.....

  12. GrannyMay 10/28/2015

    John your grasses are stunning and your passion for them is justified. I always enjoy your blog and wish there was some way to help you and other people whose lives and homes are threatened by a "progress" that makes no sense except to those companies' balance sheets.

  13. PeonyFan 10/28/2015


  14. Cenepk10 10/28/2015

    Absolutely gorgeous ~ If the pipeline battle is lost- you'll have no trouble with a remedy…… Don't even sweat it

  15. foxglove12 10/28/2015

    Beautiful! Love all the color and sweeping grasses!

  16. christianesterges 10/28/2015

    Knock on wood .....would be a shame !!

  17. wGardens 10/28/2015

    John, these are wonderful photos. So very sorry for your challenge ahead and wish you all the best.

  18. user-5117752 10/28/2015

    You've captured fall at its finest! Thank you for sharing your pictures with us in spite of the misery you're encountering. Keep up the good fight! In a way you're fighting for all of us. "Progress" does not have to destroy gardens or people's lives!

  19. jagardener 10/29/2015

    Every season has its beauty.

  20. erla 10/29/2015

    Oh my gosh! The fall colors in New Jersey are out of this world. Far more intense than what we have in Oregon. Thanks for sharing.

  21. perenniallycrazy 10/29/2015

    One of my favorite fall gardens. Thanks for returning John.

  22. NevadaSue 10/30/2015

    John, I love all the rich colors of you beautiful fall garden. I can see why you are trying to glean all the beauty you can this fall. I certainly hope you win the fight. Your garden is so full and rich. I was going to say my favorite but then as I looked to see what number in the line up it was I have to say they are all my favorite. :) Just beautiful. :) Thanks for sharing.

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