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This path leads from the garage/driveway to the side door of the house. The garden bed alongside it (zone 6) could use a focal point. What do you suggest?
Photo/Illustration: Ruth Dobsevage
This path leads from the garage/driveway to the side door of the house. The garden bed alongside it (zone 6) could use a focal point. What do you suggest?
Photo/Illustration: Ruth Dobsevage

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  1. ProfessorRoush 11/01/2010

    I don't know if you were looking for plant suggestions, but my suggestion for a focal point would be a simple small statue, something in the 3 foot range. Something to your individual tastes that would please your eye every time you saw it. I have a 2 foot seated girl reading a book on a 2 foot pedastal in a similar area that just satisfies my eye.

  2. MaggieR 11/01/2010

    What a lovely path! I can see where you might want a focal point. You have that great stone wall? column? at the far end, I think if I added something I would add it there, making use of the wall as a backdrop. A glazed pot in front of it, that held a small evergreen, for instance. The other thing I would do is define the right edge of the path a bit more, in order to lead your eye to the focal point. Perhaps a grouping of carex, or teucrium, or sweet box...something that made that far end of the path edge a little crisper.

  3. butterflycowgirl 11/01/2010

    It seems a little too cramped. I might cut some of the growth back about a foot and add some small plantings or stones to frame the path. Then whatever focal point you have will stand out. I think a whimisical piece of garden art would look fabulous, but it is up to your preferences.

  4. jim49631 11/01/2010

    Maybe a birdbath made like a leaf.
    Jim Zone 5 MI

  5. oldyakgirl 11/02/2010

    I notice that the plants that line the path all have similar sized leaves, shapes, and colors. You might consider a plant with large leaves about midway down the path or a plant with a narrow, upright shape -- perhaps an evergreen. With dwarf, fastigate evergreens, you could even place three of them in the bed to lead the eye toward the rockery at the end of the path where you could place the piece of art or a lovely pot. You could also consider the use of some low plants with a bit of color in the leaves, such as heucheras along the edge of the path. You could tie the color of the foliage in with the color of the pot or art piece at the end.

  6. shadelove 11/03/2010

    Love the path! I would like to see your little shrubby tree highlighted a bit, and a charming bench at the end of your path.

  7. Cayugamorning 11/06/2010

    Hi, I love your path! I would not change much at all, maybe just add a garden sculpture on the wall. I also like the idea of adding something on the right, a grouping of something small. I like the natural feel to the walk, and disagree with butterflygirl's comment that it feels too cramped. I definitely would not add stones! You don't want a McDonald's look here, you want something more natural and meandering. Congrats!

  8. DoryH 07/25/2011

    I agree with several other the previous suggestions; my eye looks at the corner of the stone wall and wants something more. Perhpas a small statue, low urn or gazing globe on tope of the wall or a small birdbath on the ground in front of that fern. I love the lush look and that wall is fabulous!

  9. Mooka 07/25/2011

    I love the area. I think it would look better with less. I would move that tree out completely to open the view to the stone wall. There's your focal point.

  10. SpookaBabe 07/26/2011

    Yes, I feel so drawn in toward that stone wall, & I'd love to see something truly unique when I get there- right atop the corner of that stone wall. A fabulous copper, metal art or bright color sculpture atop the wall. Or perhaps an original design metal marker of some kind that would sit atop the stone wall and hang way out & over the stone creating a 3D kind of "calling" to the observer on the pathway. If it somehow "moved" in the breeze- or made sound- or had (tasteful or classic style) light at night- it would be even more enthralling and would give the atmosphere a kind of enticing "shaking up". Unique metal art original windchime with movement and interest perhaps? Or hanging metal sculpture with light? Somehow I see metal art with very unique features working well in this spot. A beautiful setting that draws you in. Great place!

  11. GeorgiaGlynn 12/28/2011

    You might put a trickling little water feature that falls over the edge of the stone wall at the visual end of the path, with a small pool at the base. The water will attract birds and butterflies to your garden in the dry months; you could install a bit of moss in the crevasses of the stones & it will look very natural.

  12. nonnanancy 08/24/2012

    Jill's Garden is always beautiful anytime of the year. Many hours of hard work go into a garden and it truly shows in these photos of her gardens. There is always a little surprise as you turn a corner or walk to a new bed. A walk through her garden in person is spectacular. I am a receiver of some of her volunteers for my English Garden. Thank you Jill. Most gardeners can always find a spot for something new and Jill's gardens are a beautiful example. Thanks for sharing your lovely gardens with us.

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