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Touring gardens near Kansas City, Day 1

Today’s photos are from Kathy Vedder in Kansas City, Missouri. We’ve visited Kathy’s garden three times (refresh your memory HERE, HERE, and HERE) and she’s taken us on a garden tour once (refresh your memory HERE.) Today she’s back with another tour!

She says, “Each year the greater Kansas City area is treated to a garden tour. On odd numbered years the the tour is hosted by the Master Gardeners of Greater Kansas City (Missouri). On even numbered years we are treated to the tour by the Johnson County (Kansas) Master Gardeners. All of the gardens on this tour belong to Master Gardeners.

These are photos of some of the gardens I visited in May 2014. I always come away from these tours with new ideas.” Garden tours are so much darned fun! I LOVE those seating areas.

Thanks, Kathy!! ***Kathy sent in so many intersting photos from the tour that I couldn’t bear to narrow them down to just one day, so…..come back tomorrow for more!***

—–Keep sending in photos of your garden, everyone! Without you, the GPOD wouldn’t exist! Join the fun and let us all see what you’re doing in your garden this year.—–

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  1. perenniallycrazy 06/26/2014

    Such charming and cozy vignettes Kathy! Thanks for sharing. Look forward to seeing your garden again.

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 06/26/2014

    Ha, this might make me sound like a weirdo but I just got a pillow crush...the ones with the birds in flight have captured my heart. All are wonderful gardens and I so enjoyed seeing them through your eyes, Kathy.

    1. User avater
      meander_michaele 06/26/2014

      Oh, and a ps...I just finished going back through your previous sharings of your own garden, Kathy. All the pictures were so enjoyable. I do hope you will treat us to some additional peeks at what going on for you this year. Any new treasures found in the thrift stores?

  3. annek 06/26/2014

    Beautifully serene gardens. The clematis by the mailbox is lovely and I enjoyed the concept of adding mirrors to the walls. Reflected beauty!

  4. GrannyMay 06/26/2014

    Thanks Kathy! Garden tours are always full of great ideas to adapt to one's own space - I am drawn to meandering paths, brick or otherwise - so why do I not have one? Hmmm.

    Are those dark pink flowers beside the path Impatiens walleriana? In our area they have become subject to a fungal disease that cannot be cured, so we have been told to avoid them.

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